When the power goes out or disaster strikes, having a solution for your electrical needs is a must. A backup generator is the best option for immediate relief from the weather and all the stress associated with being without your appliances. Never be trapped for hours to days on end without a plan to keep you and your loved ones warm, fed, and comfortable. Preserve your supplies, protect your investments, safeguard your home and business. Use a VSP backup generator and never be caught in the dark again.

Backup Generator

How to Set Up a Standby System in Your Home

Backup power. It’s something we all think about at one point or another, but not enough of us actually take the steps to implement it into our home power systems. Why is that? Perhaps the actual process seems daunting: Too many variables, too many questions. However, the reality of it is actually quite simple, thanks to the VSP power backup system. Our solar-rechargeable, non-gas generator is portable, efficient, cost effective, and easy to set up, with virtually no maintenance whatsoever. We’ll get right to the point – there are a few variables which will determine how your backup power works, but it’s all virtually the same in the end. First, we’ll discuss automatic grid backup.

Setting Up an Electric Generator with Automatic Grid Backup

Thanks to a built-in, two-way transfer switch, the VSP electric portable generator is able to function very efficiently as a backup generator. There are two methods to make this work. By plugging the unit into an electrical outlet, then plugging your most important equipment directly into the generator, the VSP unit is able to provide power automatically to those specific devices whenever the grid fails. Conversely, you can set up a home generator panel. This method is generally preferred and is considered to be more efficient, as it uses your home or office’s wiring to connect the generator to whatever needs electricity instead of requiring you to keep the generator close to your most important devices. This is also the method you want to use if you wish to power a furnace, well pump, or other piece of equipment which may only be hard-wired into your building. Regardless of the method you choose, transfer switches make power management very easy to do. Our built-in transfer switch is designed for a plug-and-play style of user-friendliness. If you have a transfer switch in your home, you may be able to turn on and off the different circuits throughout your home or office to accommodate your needs. Some breaker box transfer switches can even maximize your power usage, allowing you to squeak out more power, more efficiently than you would have with a less sophisticated system.

FeaturesAutomatic Grid BackupSolar Array System
Automatically on at NightNoYes
Can Power Entire BuildingYesYes
Can Plug Directly into BatteryYesYes
Automatically on in a BlackoutYesYes
Protects your Building from SurgesYesYes
Requires fuelNoNo
Automatically rechargesYes, from the gridYes, from solar array

How Your Backup System Works

  • Set your unit to stand-by mode.
  • When the grid power fails, the VSP power backup system kicks in and continues to supply power to whatever you have set up.
  • If you have set generators up to provide backup power to a whole house or workplace, then everything will remain running.
  • If you have chosen a more conservative method and wish to only keep a small number of devices powered up, then only those will stay on.
  • The VSP backup generator also protects whatever you have plugged into it during power spikes and other unsafe fluctuations, so if you have sensitive medical equipment or electronics, they will be safer than ever before.
  • Once the grid power comes back on, the power backup system provides a one-minute buffer to ensure the incoming power is 100% safe and free of fluctuations which could harm your home and devices.
  • After this minute-long buffer passes, the VSP generator resumes stand-by mode and your power switches seamlessly back to the grid.
  • You don’t have to worry about recharging any lost battery power to your generator, because it will recharge itself automatically while in stand-by mode.

Setting Up an Electric Generator with Solar Array System

Now, let’s say you aren’t using grid power, but are instead connected to your own solar array. During the day, your generator will recharge as you draw and use solar power. However, at night, you will of course naturally “lose power” because the sun sets. When this happens, your VSP backup generator will kick in from stand-by mode much like it does when grid power goes out. Throughout the night, it will power whatever electronics you need for hours on end, providing you with 14KW of stored battery power. When the sun rises in the morning and your solar array kicks in, your generator will sense that power has begun to flow back into the battery reserves. If it’s sunny enough for your building to run solely on solar energy that day, your generator will resume stand-by mode just like it does with grid power. If not, it will remain on but continue to collect a charge, ensuring that the electricity delivered to your building is smooth, reliable, and safe. And if it’s a particularly cloudy or dark day, if you are still connected to the grid, it will recharge to full on grid power and stand at the ready just in case the grid goes down before the sun comes back out. In fact, you can return to the power grid for nighttime (or any time) power whenever you want or need to. It’s a safe, simple, worry-free way of protecting your home and all your devices from unpredictable power events.


Benefits of Using VSP Electric Backup Systems

  • Provide power at night, during storms, and during emergency situations.
  • Protect your electronics when the power has either gone out or has become unstable.
  • Prevent you from ever having to worry about going without potentially life-saving electricity.
  • Clean-running sine wave electricity keeps you prepared for all types of power situations without the mess of fuel-powered generators.
  • Being able to connect to solar paneling or a wind kit can keep you running indefinitely.
  • As an added bonus, VSP generators are naturally environmentally-friendly products.

Save Yourself Money with Electric Generators

VSP power backup systems also save you money by storing your solar power and by making better use of your solar power system. They provide you with the best way to be environmentally friendly at home due to their clean-running technology and efficient, sustainable energy solar and wind kit add-ons. And if you already have photovoltaic solar paneling set up for your home or business, our units easily configure with any existing ground or rooftop solar arrays. You can also bring in a VSP unit as part of a new solar array system for your building – we offer seamless integration for any solar setup. If you haven’t given solar a try, it’s an excellent way to give yourself independence from the power grid while drastically reducing your monthly utility bill. Solar paneling is also now considered to be low maintenance, requiring only a couple rounds of cleaning each year, and most professional installation companies will provide an average warranty exceeding 20 years. Many homeowners even have the option to choose leasing or power purchase agreements to finance their solar panels, which can considerably reduce the upfront costs of a solar panel system.

Why a VSP System is Right for You

Backup power generators and solar paneling may be considered a luxury for some, but to us, it’s just good sense. So much of our modern lives depend on the daily, near-constant use of electricity that many people take it for granted – but when it’s suddenly stripped from us, the effects can be devastating. A bitterly cold winter without a furnace or a sweltering summer heat without air conditioning can take the life of a loved one. A few days without refrigeration can ruin a hundred dollars of perfectly good food, and a sump or sewage pump that goes without power can flood your basement with disgusting, disease-ridden muck in no time. The cost of prevention is well worth it, in our opinion. When it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and cared for, it goes well beyond an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.

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