Most campers will tell you that the noise level, power output, and run time are most important generator features. Coming in at a close second would be ease of use and portability. Simply put, the best camping generator is quiet and portable with a stress-free set up. Reliable power on the go is the simplest solution to many issues and matters of comfort while you are out in the wilderness. With VSP electric units, all of these qualities are available to you in one powerful, clean sine wave generator which is not only safe for outdoor use, but also safe for the environment. Welcome to the most reliable camping generator on the market, utilizing portable solar power with efficient and hassle-free technology.

The Most Reliable Solar Unit is Also the Quietest Choice

Traditional fuel generators can be extremely loud, and that is not exactly something you want when you are out enjoying nature. Imagine instead having access to solar power you harvested at home without making any noise! VSP electric generators are whisper silent, especially in comparison to conventional camping generators. Gone are the days of having to scare off all the nearby wildlife just because you want to fire up your RV’s kitchen for breakfast or enjoy a bit of air conditioning on a sweltering day.

Be a King of the Outdoors with VSP

Another issue with portable generators is that they are not always user-friendly. The VSP electric generator, however, is as user-friendly as it gets. Not only is it built for ease-of-use with its plug-and-play design, but it has a self-propelled mechanism with a built-in throttle handle so you can drive it along. No lugging, pushing, pulling, or straining yourself just to go camping. This is truly a generator that campers of all ages, even the elderly, could use and appreciate. All you would need is a ramp to get it in and out of your vehicle; the VSP unit will do the rest as you drive it along. With multi-unit connection plug-ins and an AC/DC input panel, there is no shortage of options for you while you are out in the wilderness, either.

Keep Your Family and the Environment Safe

Family safety and freedom from gasoline are two huge advantages our electric generator has over conventional gas-powered generators. One US gallon of gas weighs in at a little more than 6 pounds, which means some larger models will be lugging around an extra 20 pounds or so. Not only that, but gasoline creates deadly fumes like carbon monoxide. Our generators are completely free of all harmful, toxic vapors and emissions. They are completely safe to use both indoors and outdoors as well, so if your camping trip turns rainy and dreary, you can absolutely bring your unit into your cabin or camper and continue to use it without any worries.

Comparing Gas-Powered Camping Generators to the VSP Unit

 Gas-Powered PortableVSP Electric Generator
Maintenance LevelHighLow
Quiet-RunningSome models onlyYes
Power OutputAverage 4,000 to 7,5000W14,000W battery power
Easy to TransportOnly the smallest modelsYes; unit is self-propelled
Creates FumesYesNo
Safe for Indoor UseNoYes
Safe for Outdoor UseYesYes
Requires Gasoline to RunYesNo
Attaches to Electric HookupsNoYes
Attaches to Wind/Solar KitsNoYes

Enjoy Indoor and Outdoor Power Maintenance-Free

Now, you might be thinking that such a sophisticated piece of equipment would have a lot of maintenance problems. However, we have very good news for you: Not only is the VSP portable electric generator very rugged, but it’s completely maintenance-free. The batteries inside the unit are sealed and do not need to be topped off at any time, nor does any other part of the generator require regular cleaning or inspection. This is one of the largest advantages it has over gas-powered generators, which require a lot of cleaning and upkeep due to their reliance on fuel for power.

Other Problems with Gas-Powered Outdoor Units

Don’t let constant maintenance become a chore that wears down on your patience when things go wrong at the worst of times. Reliable, easy-to-use VSP generators will never put you in a tight spot like this:

  • Bad spark plugs can cause the engine to run rough.
  • The pull cord could wear down and need to be replaced – just imagine being in the middle of the wilderness and having the pull cord snap on you!
  • Air filters and fuel lines could get clogged with debris, degrading over time.
  • Even simple disuse can cause a gas generator to fall into disrepair.
  • Depending on the unit, excess fuel left inside the reservoir may need to be used or drained so that it won’t evaporate or slosh out.
  • Larger units may become completely immobile once full of fuel, meaning you can’t quickly pick up and go if necessary.

Versatility on the Go for Ultimate Portability

Run time is not only excellent with a VSP generator, but you have the added advantage of being able to either use solar power or just plug it in to charge it back up. With 14KW of stored battery power, you, your family, and your camping guests will be set for hours and hours. With a portable solar or wind turbine charge kit, you can technically have unlimited hours of power. And if you are camping for an extended time in an area which allows electric hookups, it takes approximately six hours to fully charge the entire unit. This means you could be completely recharged in less than a night. And remember, this is for clean, pure sine wave electricity. Cheaper units from other companies utilize square-wave inverter systems, which waste 40 percent of the stored battery power. Our generators don’t need to make such wasteful conversions just so you can use your stored electricity, consuming a mere 2 percent of stored power on conversion. VSP generators are efficient and have potentially limitless run times, letting you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to the amount of power stored and drawn from the generator itself.

Advanced Metering for All Your Power Needs

If you choose a VSP generator you will have the only machine in the world which includes advanced metering. This is an exciting feature which shows you how much power is being added to and consumed from your unit. Using it is as simple as this:

  • Hook up your generator to a portable solar or wind kit.
  • Monitor the amount of power flowing out of the generator with the watt meter.
  • Monitor the power flowing into the generator from your kit with the side unit.
  • Fine-tune your setup for the most effective solar power collection and power usage.
VSP Electric is Your Wilderness Solution

VSP Electric is Your Wilderness Solution

Hands down, there is no other generator available on the market that meets the needs of camping enthusiasts quite like the VSP. Whether you are just looking for something to flip on occasionally to use the stove in your camper or if you are looking to power the air conditioning in an RV for hours on end, the noiseless, powerful VSP generator is there for you. Power your cookware, electronics, emergency tools, and all other camping equipment with ease and the touch of a button. It’s flexible, operating 120VAC/240VAC anywhere you can take it. You don’t have to lug around fuel and you can even plug it into an electric grid hookup for recharging if you need to. Your family, friends, and the environment will appreciate its quiet efficiency, completely doing away with all the smell, mess, and hassle of gas-powered generators, which can completely ruin the immersion of camping with their noise. The wilderness is calling, so get out there in style with a quiet, reliable camping generator on your side.



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