Because they are far more cost-effective and eco-friendly than their fuel-powered equivalents, VSP units are known across the globe for reliable, affordable power. Our electric generators can even solar-recharge for clean, renewable, uninterrupted energy whenever you need it. We have helped supply power to people in developing countries, at portable emergency hospitals, in major corporations, and even in the quiet corners of suburbia. We believe that pure, clean, sine wave power is right for everyone.

Electric Generator

The Advantages of Going Electric

The benefits of an electric portable generator are numerous, and most people who try our electric generators end up preferring them over any other type or brand simply because we have designed them by putting the consumer first. Here are just a few of the many advantages our electric generator has over the competition:

  • VSP solar-charging generators utilize a simple plug-and-play style.
  • We have included advanced monitoring panels to show you exactly how much power is going in and out of your unit at all times.
  • There are no fumes, which make them safe for use indoors and even underground.
  • They can be used around children and pets.
  • VSP units are great for both homes and businesses.
  • They work whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or in the heart of a large industrial complex.
  • They are better for the environment than gas generators.
  • VSP generators run on clean, sine-wave energy.
  • All your devices will be completely safe, all of the time, with no energy spikes.
  • With the right setup, our units even have the power to grant you the freedom of using solar power to go off-grid for good!

Versatility is Important to Us

VSP non-gas generators even have the ability to connect to other brands of generators, including gas-powered units. This means you won’t have to give up your old generator if you are attached to it or if you feel as though you made a big investment in it. By adding a VSP solar charging generator, you are simply giving yourself more options. And who doesn’t like to have as many options as possible when it comes to something like backup or emergency power?

Ways to Save with VSP

Other Ways to Save with VSP

So, what are some of the reasons for choosing an electric generator over a fuel-powered unit? For starters, you’ll never have to worry about unused fuel. When you are finished with the VSP, depending on where you are and what you need it for, you can simply turn it off, put it into backup/stand-by mode, or plug it in to be recharged again. It’s completely hassle-free. But when you have a gas or diesel generator with excess fuel inside, it’s a much different situation. Some units allow you to leave the fuel inside, but others don’t. Some force you to use it all or risk spillage and a disastrous mess. Others, you can’t leave the fuel inside because it will simply be constantly letting out hazardous fumes until it has all evaporated.


Cost Comparison of Electric Versus Fuel-Powered Generators

Generator TypeApproximate Cost per 24 Hour Runtime
Gasoline$30 at 1/2 load for a 3,500W generator (1,750W running)
Diesel$30 at 1/2 load for a 5,000W generator (2,500W running)
Natural Gas$27 for around $1.11 per therm (23.9kWh)
Propane$20-$36 at 4/5 load for a 2,000W generator (1600W running)
VSP Electric$2-$3 for 14,000W only if plugged into the grid; solar recharge is free

Provide Electricity for Your Home Without Fossil Fuels

Provide Electricity for Your Home Without Fossil Fuels

As we become more and more aware of the needs of our environment, the need to move away from fossil fuels and other factors which are harmful to our planet is also becoming increasingly apparent. Electric generators can solar-recharge, or even wind-recharge, for clean, renewable, uninterrupted energy whenever you need it. Choosing a non-gas generator, along with solar paneling if possible, is an important step in protecting the environment from our over-dependence on fossil fuels. Plus, it has the added benefit of allowing you to also reduce your dependency on grid power. When combined with solar paneling, you can lower your monthly power bill by drastic amounts, which is something a gas-powered generator simply cannot do.

Works Seamlessly with Existing Products

And if you are already in the process of moving off the power grid, VSP generators offer seamless integration into your existing solar array. Whether you have ground mount or rooftop solar arrays, our solar charging generators have the ability to get you going with backup, nighttime, and emergency power. As previously mentioned, they also easily configure with existing gas/diesel genset technology, so you can have a full array of power options at your fingertips without ever touching grid power again.

Never Lose Electronics to a Power Outage Again

Speaking of grid power, have you ever lost a device due to a power surge, brownout, or a sudden power outage? We at VSP know how devastating it can be to suddenly have to replace something you use daily, like your entire computer, due to power issues that are often beyond your control. Because of this, our generators produce consistent, reliable, and safe power, which eliminate the consequences of these damaging electrical events. It works like this:

  • Plug your VSP electric generator into your home generator panel.
  • The VSP has a built-in, two-way transfer switch.
  • During a power event, this transfer switch is what moves your electricity over to stored battery power.
  • The VSP kicks in and powers your home the moment your grid power begins to fail, surge, or completely black out.
  • Once grid power stabilizes, the VSP generator provides a one-minute buffer to ensure the incoming power is 100% safe and free of fluctuations.
  • This protects your home and devices from harm; think of it like a super surge-protector.
  • After this minute-long buffer passes, the VSP generator resumes stand-by mode and your power switches seamlessly back to the grid.
  • Your generator’s battery will recharge itself automatically while in stand-by mode. 
Enjoy Features Not Found on Any Other Portable Device

Enjoy Features Not Found on Any Other Portable Device

Our generators also feature two great details which are not found on other electric generators: Dual voltage and an advanced metering system. The VSP inverting system is split-phase, outputting 120/240 VAC simultaneously. Not only that, but it can be connected to portable solar or wind kits, fuel generators, and the electrical grid. It also features advanced, efficient sine wave technology, which means only 2 percent of stored power is lost upon conversion. Other brands utilize cheaper square wave units, which waste 40 percent of stored power on conversion of power alone – an unacceptable ratio, in our opinion. Additionally, the VSP generator is the only machine in the world which features a watt meter for advanced metering. This shows you how much power is being consumed from your unit. There is also a second unit on the side which tells you how much power is flowing into the unit. In other words, if you hook the generator up to the grid, a portable solar kit, or a wind kit, you will be able to monitor the amount of power being added to the unit in real time. This is an exciting feature which allows you to fine-tune your setup.

Embrace a Brighter Future with Solar

With so many benefits, solar charging generators are the most sensible choice for securing the power needs of your home or business. Not only that, but VSP generators are fully portable and environmentally friendly, and they can be used in any remote location where a solar or wind kit can be set up. Take advantage of the hassle-free versatility and maintenance-free living that comes with electric generator ownership. The future is waiting for you!


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