Emergency generators are always there for you when the unthinkable occurs. Nothing offers the peace of mind like emergency power reserves can. If you have been through a natural disaster before, you know the importance of having all the basics at hand. Hurricane Sandy, for instance, caused widespread damage up and down the East coast of the United States back in 2012. This super-storm caused over 75 billion dollars in damage and left over 9 million people without power. Most were left without electricity for days. Some went without power for over a week. In the days leading up to the storm’s arrival, generators were already scarce. After the storm passed, they were nearly impossible to purchase. That’s a lot of regretful people left behind in the dark.

Emergency Generator

Carbon Monoxide Incidents and Deaths from Fuel-Powered Generators

Sometimes, people who have gas generators sometimes don’t realize just how potentially dangerous these machines can be. After the Hurricane Sandy incident, some owners were unaware of the toxic carbon monoxide gasses being produced by their generators and attempted to use them indoors. Or, they merely thought they could beat the odds and they took the risk. Most who were foolish enough to attempt this soon realized the error of their ways, but if left unattended, this is far from an innocent mistake. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas which can kill you in minutes under the right conditions. In fact, generator misuse is one of the biggest sources of carbon monoxide poisoning in the US.

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Natural Renewable Solar Power with VSP Electric

Natural Renewable Solar Power with VSP Electric

This is just one of the extremely important advantages of VSP generators. Our clean, sine wave generators harness natural power and deliver it back to you without any of the disadvantages of traditional gas generators. They are quiet, reliable, and can be charged on-the-go using infinitely renewable solar energy. And best of all, unlike other portable generators, they are better and safer for the environment and for your family. This means they are completely safe to use indoors as well as outdoors.

Anything Can Cause a Power Outage

You don’t need a huge storm to make the power go out, of course. Anything can cause a power outage! Imagine it’s late July. The already sultry summer temperatures have climbed to record highs. The power grid is straining under the demands of millions of people running their air conditioners and fans at full blast, trying to beat the heat. Plus, since everyone is indoors, all the lights, televisions, computers, stereos, and game systems are on. Without warning, a silence falls over the house and all the lights go dark as you realize that your electricity has been choked out. Maybe the grid overloaded. Maybe a rolling blackout has begun as workers attempt to handle the strain. What happens then?

Other Reasons the Power Goes Out

  • Snow and ice pile up and a driver slides into a utility pole.
  • Weak tree limbs snap and fall on power lines.
  • Utility vehicles are delayed due to snow, fire, wind, rain, or other extreme conditions.
  • Squirrels and snakes climb into substations and cause a short.
  • Jellyfish and plankton can clog the inktake filters of power plants. Yes, really!
  • Birds perch and nest on poles, ruining insulating materials and sometimes starting fires.

Avoid the Worst Consequences of a Power Outage

Every year, extreme temperatures cause everything from headaches to heartache around the globe. How much stress and unhappiness could be alleviated if a life-saving electric generator were on standby to get people through the worst of times? Don’t wait until it’s too late to shield your loved ones from the consequences of an unexpected power failure. And speaking of consequences, some of them are extremely unpleasant. If you use a sump or sewage pump without a battery backup, an outage could turn your basement into a swampy, smelly bog. And you have to think about your pets, as well – if you keep fish or any other kind of animal which requires heating, cooling, filtering, or aeration, they are going to be in a heap of trouble without electricity. Having an emergency generator to kick in just as the power goes out could save the lives of your pets. 

Keep Your Business Operating in Any Storm

Keep Your Business Operating in Any Storm

If you run a business, place of learning, or any other public space, having an emergency electric generator could be a lifesaver for your work, too. Many people have their business computers plugged into short-term battery backups so that they may safely power down their network in the event of a power outage. But what if you didn’t need to power down at all? What if you could keep working while the power is out? With an emergency generator to kick in for your business and save the day, you absolutely can keep things running no matter what the conditions are like outside. It could be something as simple, yet important, as keeping children calm and happy while a storm passes – or it could be something as serious as protecting sensitive client data from being damaged by a power surge. Whatever your needs may be, our generators are there to keep the power going when everyone else is in the dark. Even if you don’t have a VSP electric generator set up for emergency use, having one at your disposal in case its needed is still a clever idea when it comes to your business. The noiseless, toxin-free power plant can be used practically anywhere! And if you’re at work, you could be diverting a potential financial emergency or even just taking steps to keep everyone productive for the day. If nothing else, you can prevent people from having to be sent home. One electric generator can power multiple computers, electronic devices, and lights for hours on end. If your employees are hourly, they just might be thanking you for saving their wages.

VSP is Perfect for Emergency Power Anywhere

Not all emergencies happen indoors, though. Our solar-rechargeable electric generators are also appropriate for portable use. They are easy to transport and can be used in a variety of ways on-the-go. Our generators are even perfect for rescue work in remote areas thanks to their extreme portability, lighter weight, low maintenance, ease of use, and infinite rechargeability. Here are just a few examples of where you might find a VSP electric generator:

  • Mobile hospital units
  • Construction sites
  • Military camps
  • Mobile offices
  • Expeditions
  • Archaeological sites
  • Boating trips
  • Camping trips
  • Remote film crews
  • Wildlife monitoring or veterinary aid sites

Empower Your Life with VSP

An emergency generator is an incredibly valuable asset to have at your disposal during a crisis. However, to make it a truly indispensable investment, make sure you choose a clean-running sine wave electric generator like our VSP generator. This will not only keep you prepared for all types of power emergencies, whether they be life-threatening or not, but it will also keep you safe because our generators are naturally environmentally and family friendly products. Don’t let a bad situation turn into a catastrophe. Choose VSP and keep the future bright for you, your family, and your business – even in the face of an emergency.




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