Sometimes, sending everyone home and shutting down your business for the day just because the power went out isn’t an option. This is where an industrial generator comes in handy. Now, when it comes to industrial generators, you know you want something that is powerful enough to keep your business running even when everything else outside has ground to a halt. Thanks to their ability to be seamlessly integrated into any existing power system, VSP electric generators are the perfect choice for your industrial generator setup.

Industrial Generator Choosing the Best Generator for Your Business

Choosing the Best Generator for Your Business

If you are just setting up a new generator system or upgrading a pre-existing one, you might be wondering, “What is the best generator for my business?” It’s a question we have heard many times. Honestly, what you want is a generator which can offer you versatility, efficiency, reliability, and a safe delivery of power at all times… and that is exactly what you will get with the VSP electric generator. VSP electric generators are so adaptable, and rugged that they are just as suited for use in an industrial setting as they are in a home or mobile situation. With dependable and trustworthy electronics and proven, maintenance-free technology, our generators are well-suited for installation in business complexes both large and small.

Unmatched Versatility in a Reliable Package

You can seamlessly integrate our 14KW stand-by battery backup power generators into your existing industrial generator setup, or you can create an all-new power backup system for your company. The power delivered by the VSP electric generator is steady and safe for all delicate electronics and even medical equipment. This makes it useful for any and all applications, ranging from healthcare to data center management, financial institutions, airports, the food service industry, factories, shopping complexes, schools – if you have a need for power, we have the means to supply it.

Comparing Electric Power to Diesel Fuel

Perhaps the best features about the VSP electric generator are the simplest. Let’s compare the VSP to a traditional diesel generator:

  • The VSP unit has a whisper-quiet operation.
  • Diesel can be extremely noisy.
  • The VSP has long to indefinite run times on solar power.
  • Diesel generators have variable, but generally decent, run-times depending on the model.
  • There are zero fuel costs for the VSP electric generator.
  • With a diesel unit, you must buy fuel and replace old fuel – potentially a huge cost.
  • The VSP offers you a complete absence of harmful vapors or fumes.
  • Diesel gives off fumes and can make your workers sick (or worse) if something should go wrong.
  • Our VSP unit is compact and easily integrates into existing gensets as well as any solar or wind setups you may have.
  • Diesel powered generators are large and not very versatile.
  • Our electric generators feature maintenance-free, sealed, lead-acid batteries which are secured in a flameproof case and 100% safe for your workers.
  • All diesel generators require a lot of maintenance to remain operational.
  • Over time, the VSP unit will pay for itself.
  • At the end of the day, diesel fuel is just another added cost for your business.

Features You Won’t Find on Other Generator Brands

We are proud to feature two great details which are not found on other electric generators: Dual voltage and an advanced metering system. The VSP inverting system is split-phase, outputting 120/240 VAC simultaneously. Additionally, the VSP generator is the only machine in the world which features a watt meter for advanced metering. This shows you how much power is being consumed from your unit. There is also a second unit on the side which tells you how much power is flowing into the unit. This is an exciting feature which allows you to fine-tune your setup as well as ensure your generator is operating at peak efficiency at all times.

Sine Versus Square Wave Power Output

Pure Sine Wave ConversionSquare Wave Conversion
VSP Electric GeneratorsMost other brands
2% of stored power lost on conversion40% of stored power lost on conversion
Does not require any extra equipment; safe for all electronicsMay require square-to-sine or harmonic filtering equipment to be safe for electronics
Quiet operation at all timesExtremely noisy, often considered annoying

We Understand Your Power Needs

We at VSP understand that your power needs are unique and depend on the kind of business you run. We also understand that your power needs may change drastically throughout the year. For instance, if you live in a very temperate area, your heating and cooling needs will not be the same as those of a large corporation seated in a tropical area, or a factory built to withstand frigid winters. Likewise, solar power works much differently in, say, Alaska than it does in California. One area enjoys sunshine on a fairly consistent and predictable basis year-round, with periods of overcast weather to obscure and lessen its effectiveness. The other benefits from approximately 80 days of long, extended sunshine with little to no nightfall, followed by 67 days of darkness later in the year. It is because of these natural inconsistencies in life that we made our electric, solar-rechargeable generator so adaptable. We encourage business owners and industry managers to make diverse power plans for their companies in order to protect themselves against financial losses, needless property damage from electrical events, and other problems which could be potentially devastating to your trade. The VSP solar rechargeable electric generator is a perfect fit for a diverse power backup plan, as it not only provides you with clean, efficient energy, but it is easily the most versatile generator on the market today.

VSP Electric Industrial Generators Work with Solar and Wind

We Understand Your Power Needs

In the event of solar loss, such as an extended period where there is no sunshine, VSP also offers wind turbine kits which attach seamlessly to our electric generators. Both solar and wind are renewable sources of energy which can provide you with an endless supply of power in an emergency. It’s worth considering adding wind power to your industrial or business set up as an additional backup plan if you have:

  • sensitive equipment
  • medical devices
  • data centers
  • electronic devices which must remain powered on no matter what
  • research or monitoring equipment
  • radio communication devices
  • electronic locks or keypad entryways
  • hazard stations which require power to operate

For More Information on Wind Power Backup

If you are in need of constant power for sensitive, delicate, life-saving, or otherwise essential devices and have concerns about down time due to power outages or loss of solar power, contact one of our representatives to discuss the installation of generators with wind power kits for extra security. We have the solutions to ensure that what is most important to you is always taken care of.

Keep the Lights on and Your Workers Safe with VSP

Keep the Lights on and Your Workers Safe with VSP

And last but not least, our electric generators offer instant power when used in stand-by mode as part of a power backup system. It works like this:

  • First, add your VSP industrial electric generators to your existing genset technology.
  • This will ensure the lights and your most sensitive instruments stay on during a power outage.
  • The VSP units will provide instant power while you wait for your slower, diesel-powered generators to power up to maximum yield.
  • Once power returns, the VSP units will automatically recharge themselves.


Conquer All Challenges with VSP

The key to success in business often comes down to making the right choices, but sometimes, you have to have choices to begin with. Don’t paint yourself into a corner by having only one option for backup power. Integrate solar power and VSP solar rechargeable electric generators into your industrial generator backup power system, either as part of a diesel genset or as a fully renewable-resource plan. You have the power to keep operating, no matter what challenges you may face.


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