Whether you are new to generators or you’ve been using them for years, a plug-and-play generator is your best choice for a hassle-free power supply. We here at VSP understand that there are a lot of reasons for wanting a straightforward, uncomplicated solution. Maybe you anticipate several different people to be interacting with your new equipment, and you don’t have the resources to offer a lot of training in its operation. Maybe you need something you can bring home, plug in, and use as soon as possible. Maybe it’s a simple matter of personal preference. Whatever your reasons, the VSP plug-and-play generator is here for you.


Tried and True Energy System from VSP

Tried and True Energy System from VSP

We have designed the VSP electric generator to be extremely user-friendly. Its rugged, reliable design follows a plug-and-play model in order to make it a viable option for as many people as possible, all around the world. Our generator technology is tried and true, as we have sold thousands of units around the world and currently have many in use in developing countries. It is specifically constructed the VSP electric generator to appeal to every generation, regardless of language barriers or technology comfort levels. 

What You Get with the VSP Electric Generator

First, let’s get into what exactly the VSP electric plug-and-play generator is:

  • Complete energy management system
  • Self-propelled portable unit
  • Contains a battery backup system
  • Stores 14KW of battery power
  • Features an overload shutdown
  • 6000W of continuous, pure sine wave power
  • “One cart solution” means everything is included
  • True electric workhorse of a generator
  • Extremely easy to use

Easy to Use Generator for All Generations

One of the most innovative features of the VSP generator is its self-propulsion system. It’s the world’s first portable electric generator with self-propelling technology. The automatic walk/drive system also features a power drive throttle handle to assist in moving the unit from place to place. No lugging, pushing, pulling, or straining yourself just to get it into position. This is truly a generator that consumers of all ages, even the elderly, could use and appreciate. Just take a look at the dimensions and see for yourself – the VSP is average in weight for a 14KW generator, but it moves under its own power. No other brand offers that kind of convenience.

Easy to Use Generator for All Generations

Efficient Power Conversion

As we mentioned, the VSP electric portable generator features 14KW of stored battery power which is delivered to you as pure, clean sine wave power. What does this mean? Simply put, you get more out of your investment. Only 2 percent of stored power is used for conversion, so you can use almost all of your stored battery power. This is incredibly more efficient than what you will see with competitor brands. Cheaper units from other companies utilize square-wave inverter systems, which waste 40 percent of the stored battery power during conversion. And best of all, you don’t have to do a thing to make this work. The unit does all the converting on its own with all the included internal technology. You don’t have to add anything to the generator to make it run better or convert your power at a more efficient rate in order to achieve that two percent conversion. You’re all set right out of the box! This is all part of the simple, effective, easy to use and maintain plug-and-play design. It is simple to understand and operate. Our team has spent many hours perfecting the user-friendliness of the VSP electric generator’s interface so that every aspect it follows this philosophy. No part of the generator is any more complicated than the simple push of a button, insertion of a plug, or turn of a dial.

No Surprise Parts Necessary for the VSP System

Furthermore, all of the unit’s necessary electronics are built right in, including the latest in solar charge controllers and wind conversion technology. You won’t have to fuss with additional plug-ins just to make your unit work properly. There are no buried costs hidden behind extra electronics – if all you need is a generator unit, the VSP is set and ready for you to use as-is. Additional battery storage packs are available, as are VSP solar kits so that you can maximize your solar efficiency off-grid, but the VSP portable generator is designed to work in a variety of situations at a moment’s notice. You’ll never feel like you purchased a unit that only works some of the time or only in certain situations like our competitor’s units do.

Even the Automatic Grid Backup Feature is Simple

Even our automatic grid backup feature is simple and easy to set up. It works like this: 

  • Connect the VSP unit to your home’s electrical panel
  • Set it to stand-by mode
  • When the grid power fails, the VSP power backup system kicks in
  • The generator will continue to supply power to your home automatically
  • You will have hours of light and safe, spike-free power
  • Your power will be secure enough to use with sensitive electronics or medical devices while the generator’s batteries provide electricity
  • Once the grid power comes back on, the power backup system provides a one-minute buffer
  • This buffer will ensure the incoming power is 100% safe and free of fluctuations which could harm your home and devices
  • After this minute-long buffer passes, the VSP generator resumes stand-by mode
  • Your power will switch seamlessly back to the grid
  • Your battery will recharge itself automatically while in stand-by mode

Automatic Surge Protection System

The VSP backup generator also protects your home during shorter, minor power spikes and other unsafe fluctuations, so if you do have sensitive medical equipment or electronics, they will be safer than ever before. As with other features, it does this automatically, so your home will be protected without you having to do a thing. You might not even be aware that the power is flickering after installing your VSP generator!


Experience Plug-and-Play Convenience on the Go

If you don’t want to use the VSP generator in your home and instead want to keep it as a portable device, its plug-and-play versatility is still just as viable. Because it is so easy to use and maintain, you can take it virtually anywhere. It features an Anderson multi-unit connection plug-in, which allows you to connect to our VSP c solar paneling kits, VSP power packs for additional battery storage, and larger solar arrays via the VSP controller. It also features solar inputs, several AC ports, and two AC charge ports. And speaking of AC power, the VSP inverting system is a split phase system. It outputs 120VAC and 240VAC at the same time, all the time, no matter where you are. You don’t have to make any special modifications to the unit to select a specific voltage. Just plug and play!

VSP Flexibility for Hassle-Free Energy Freedom

We truly believe that our generator is the most flexible and easiest to use unit on the market today. There is no hassle, no special parts, no installation whatsoever. All you need to do is plug it in and it’s ready to go. It interfaces easily with other generators, even fuel-powered genset technology, and it works great with renewable energy sources such as solar paneling and wind turbines. You can take it with you almost anywhere, so it’s perfect for your home, business, recreational vehicle, cabin – anywhere you need power in a pinch. Its clean sine wave energy is reliable and powerful enough for all your needs, and the cost effectiveness over fuel powered generators is astonishing. The VSP generator is easily the best generator for anyone interested in a plug-and-play style with dependable technology that will last for generations.



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