Whether you are part of a mobile unit that needs extra power supplies or simply want a bit of extra comfort during your recreational activities, portable generators are the way to go. The VSP portable electric generator is capable of providing an uninterrupted power supply for hours on end or, if connected to a solar/wind kit, indefinitely. It can also serve as a home back-up generator, a renewable energy power station, or a home control center without having to change a thing. Everything is at your fingertips in one convenient unit.

Portable Generator


Environmentally-Friendly Transportable Units for All Your Needs

Environmentally-Friendly Transportable Units for All Your Needs

VSP generators are fully portable and environmentally friendly, and they can be used in any remote location where a solar or wind kit can be set up. If you are in need of power on the go, then it’s time to take advantage of the hassle-free versatility and maintenance-free living that comes with electric generator ownership. Our portable, self-propelled generators are perfect for mobile offices, construction sites, portable hospitals, military camps, missionary work, humanitarian aid services, rescue service camps, expedition and camping adventures, and so much more. They can be recharged in a matter of hours if you have access to grid power or you can keep them continuously hooked up to solar or wind kits for constant electricity. VSP electric portable generators even have several optional add-ons for you to choose from, including remote monitoring and additional battery power packs for extended power storage. This is sturdy, proven technology that has been sold and trusted the world over.

14KW of Clean-Running Battery Power at Your Fingertips

14KW of Clean-Running Battery Power at Your Fingertips

The VSP electric portable generator features 14KW of stored battery power which is delivered to you as pure, clean sine wave power. What does this mean? Simply put, you get more out of your investment. Only 2 percent of stored power is used for conversion, so you are able to use almost all of your stored battery power. This is incredibly more efficient than what you will see with competitor brands. Cheaper units from other companies utilize square-wave inverter systems, which waste 40 percent of the stored battery power during conversion. Furthermore, all of the unit’s necessary electronics are built right in, including the latest in solar charge controllers and wind conversion technology. The the VSP portable generator is designed to work in a variety of situations, as-is, at a moment’s notice. You’ll never feel like you purchased a unit that only works some of the time or only in certain situations like our competitor’s units do.

Other Benefits of the VSP Portable Electric Generator

  • Moves under its own power – no pushing or straining required.
  • Has a power-drive throttle bar handle so it can be piloted around with ease.
  • Utilizes a simple plug-and-play interface for quick set-up and take-down.
  • All required electronics are included – no extra conversion kits necessary.
  • Additional battery packs available for extra-long runtime.
  • VSP solar kits keep you running off-grid indefinitely.
  • Also able to connect to wind kits and existing solar arrays with ease.
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Easily configures with existing genset technology to offset use.

Comparing Portable Electric Generators to Portable Fuel Generators

 VSP Portable Electric GeneratorPortable Propane GeneratorPortable Propane Generator
Possible Indoor InstallmentYes. Can even be installed underground.Must be rated for indoor use and placed in a safe location due to fuel flammability.Cleanest fuel available, but produces flammable fumes. Leaking propane is also very dangerous.
Shelf LifeIndefinite; requires little maintenance to run off solar power.Long in most cases but requires proper storage of dangerous fuel.Short; fuel shelf life is approximately from 12 to 24 months.
Added CostsLow; solar or wind kits are a one-time purchase.High; propane is potentially very expensive.Medium-high; fuel must be more frequently replaced.
MaintenanceLittle to none.Fuel system is more complicated than diesel and most use filters.High; fuel requires additives, filters must be replaced, and fuel storage is difficult.
Watts14,000W stored battery power.Average 4,000 to 7,500W output.Average 1,000 to 4,400W output.
Environmental Friendliness100% environmentally friendly. Makes no waste or harmful emissions.Cleanest fuel available, but produces flammable fumes. Leaking propane is also very dangerous.Diesel is cleaner than gasoline, but both remain some of the least environmentally-friendly choices available.

Solar-Powered Generators Are the Future

Solar-Powered Generators Are the Future

The more people who make the switch to renewable resources for their power needs, the better. Just take a look at how a VSP portable electric generator can secure a safer future for both you and your environment:

According to the NYSDEC, gas cans account for about 70 tons per day of smog-forming pollution.

  • 70 tons per day is roughly equal to the emissions from approximately 800,000 cars.
  • Fuel fumes are hazardous, regardless of type. 
  • Sloshing fluid inside a gas-powered generator reduces portability and increases its ability to harm the environment.
  • The carbon monoxide released by traditional gas generators accounts for a large number of hospitalizations and deaths each year.
  • The VSP portable electric generator utilizes a safe, foolproof, user-friendly interface.
  • VSP generators are completely free of all harmful, toxic vapors and emissions.
  • VSP generators are completely safe to use both indoors, even underground, and outdoors.

Potential Mobile Uses for Electric Generators

Say you are working in a third world country, providing humanitarian aid or perhaps constructing stable housing for a community. The VSP electric portable generator can travel with you anywhere, providing 120VAC/240VAC in an instant. It’s powerful enough to use with heavy-duty equipment and appliances, yet stable and safe enough for medical devices and sensitive electronics. The VSP unit is a consistent, reliable generator which, when connected to a solar or wind kit, is capable of producing virtually free electricity – indefinitely – with hours and hours of stored backup battery power. The only cost is your initial purchase plus any time you choose to plug it in to grid power for recharging. Other than that, it’s a completely self-sustained unit. Furthermore, it’s clean-running and safe for the environment. Because it’s a non-gas generator, there is no risk of fuel spillage or fume ignition from evaporating gasoline. It can be installed inside any building, even underground, and because it’s so quiet you can even keep it inside a tent or small camp shelter if necessary. If you are providing medical services, it can even be kept right in the same room as the patients. It’s that safe!

Innovative Self-Propelled Technology

And since we’re highlighting portability, it’s worth mentioning again that the VSP portable electric generator is the first on the market to include a self-propelled system. Moving the generator from place to place is easy with the innovative power drive throttle handle and auto walk/drive system. Anyone at your camp, no matter what you are working on or where you are in the world, will be able to position the VSP unit wherever it needs to go. Gone are the days of struggling to haul around an unwieldy generator. Never again will someone crush a finger or give themselves a hernia trying to lift and move a too-heavy power unit. And – perhaps best of all for those of you who need to travel with only the most essential gear – you can leave behind all the extra equipment that used to be necessary for lifting and wheeling around your old portable generators.

Versatile, Reliable Power on the Go

VSP electric portable generators are versatile, cost-effective, safe, free of maintenance and totally reliable. Whether you are just going on a camping trip or looking to spend an extended period of time in a developing country, this is the generator for you!



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