Aside from cost-effectiveness and reliability, what makes the best residential generator? If you ask us, we would have to say safety. The VSP generator offers you complete and utter safety for use around children and pets, and it even contains fire-resistant components which help protect it from extreme temperatures and open flames in the event of a house fire. Our generator is built with maintenance-free, sealed, lead-acid batteries in a flameproof case. These batteries never need to be topped off or inspected weekly like our competition’s batteries do, nor do they produce any kind of harmful vapors or emissions. The VSP unit is sturdy and built to resist harsh conditions in portable hospitals and military installations around the world, so you never have to worry about a child or dog accidentally knocking it over and breaking delicate electronics inside. On the contrary, all of our electronics are secured and protected within a rugged casing that is sure to impress.

Residential Generator

Why Your House Should Have a VSP Unit

So, why is a VSP electric unit an excellent choice for a residential generator? For starters, in the long run, they are far more cost-effective than gas generators. For ten hours of power with a portable gas or diesel generator, you’d be looking at spending about $20 or more in fuel. For ten hours of power with a VSP generator, it only costs about 80 cents to a dollar – and that’s only if you are plugging it in to the grid to recharge. There’s also the added bonus of not having to worry about unused fuel. When you have the VSP in stand-by mode, it can be plugged into the grid or your existing solar array, ready to provide you with nighttime or backup power whenever you need it. It’s completely hassle-free. But when you have a gas or diesel generator, you have to either manually decide when to power it on or pay monthly for fuel to keep it running. And if you decide to power down a gas generator with excess fuel inside, it’s a much different situation than just flipping the switch on a VSP electric generator. Some gas units allow you to leave the fuel inside, but others don’t. Some force you to use it all or risk spillage and a disastrous mess. Others, you can’t leave the fuel inside because it will simply be constantly letting out hazardous fumes until it has all evaporated.

Advantages of the VSP Generator Over Competitors

The best residential generator is quiet, safe, low-maintenance, and able to provide enough power to get you through a particularly bad power outage. It connects directly to your home’s electrical panel and has a built-in, automatic, two-way transfer switch. It couldn’t be easier. With VSP, you can have all these benefits and more. The VSP solar rechargeable electric generator is:

  • Virtually silent
  • Safer than any other generator on the market
  • Maintenance-free
  • Capable of storing 14KW of battery power
  • Able to connect to solar power, providing unending electricity for your home
  • Able to essentially pay for itself over time


Protect the Environment with Responsible Electricity

Help Protect the Environment with Responsible Electricity Choices

As we become more and more aware of the needs of our environment, the need to move away from fossil fuels and other factors which are harmful to the Earth is also becoming increasingly apparent. Electric generators can recharge on solar energy, or even through wind turbine kits, for clean, renewable, uninterrupted electricity whenever you need it. Choosing a non-gas generator, along with solar paneling if possible, is a crucial step in protecting the environment from our over-dependence on fossil fuels.

Save the Environment and Your Electricity Bill

Save the Environment and Your Electricity Bill

Many power companies now offer incentives for adding solar power to your home. For instance, if you collect more solar energy than you are able to use or store in a month, you may be able to filter power back into your community for credit from your power company. Not only is this an excellent way to promote clean living in your own home town, but it can help you earn money or perhaps build credit with your power provider so some of your future grid power usage will essentially be free. When combined with solar paneling, you can lower your monthly power bill by drastic amounts, which is something a gas-powered generator simply cannot do.

Solar-Rechargeable Residential Generators are Versatile and Reliable

And if you are already in the process of moving entirely off the power grid, VSP generators offer seamless integration into your existing solar array and wind turbine kits. Whether you have ground mount or rooftop solar arrays, our solar charging generators can get you going with backup, nighttime, and emergency power. Not only that, but VSP generators are safe enough to be installed underground, so you can safely store them in your basement or a finished cellar without worrying about their impact on your home environment. With the capabilities of solar arrays, wind turbine kits, and the discrete but reliable technology of VSP electric generators for battery storage, you can achieve your goals of freeing yourself and your family from the demands and high costs of grid power forever.

Ultra-Dependable Electricity with No Maintenance

As we mentioned, the VSP residential generator is maintenance-free. It does feature an advanced metering system – the first of its kind – to show you how much power is being consumed as well as how much power is being returned to storage within the unit so that you may fine tune your system. However, other than this small amount of checking up on power usage and the occasional dusting, your VSP unit is entirely self-contained and requires no additional maintenance, cleaning, or parts replacement. It will keep working for you whenever you need it without any of the problems you would encounter with a traditional fuel-powered generator.

Gas and Diesel Versus Electric Units

This is one of the largest advantages it has over gas-powered generators, which require a lot of cleaning and upkeep due to their reliance on fuel for power. In a traditional gas generator, bad spark plugs can cause the engine to run rough. The pull cord could wear down and need to be replaced – just imagine being in the middle of a power outage, a storm raging outside and your children crying, and having the pull cord snap on you! Or, the air filters and fuel lines could get clogged with dust and debris, degrading over time. Even simple disuse can cause a gas generator to fall into disrepair. This constant maintenance can be a chore and really wear down on your patience when things go wrong at the worst of times. Reliable, easy-to-use VSP generators will never put you in this sort of situation.

Unmatched Value for Your Power Needs

As if that weren’t enough reason to go electric, VSP generators are efficient and have potentially limitless run times, letting you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to the amount of power stored and drawn from the generator itself. VSP residential generators have:

  • Excellent run times
  • The ability to connect to solar arrays, kits, and rooftop paneling
  • Optional wind kit connectivity
  • Additional connections for individual devices and grid hookup
  • Just plug it in to charge it back up
  • 14KW of stored battery power
  • Technically unlimited hours of electricity when connected to solar or wind
  • 6-hour battery recharge when connected to the grid – less than a night’s sleep

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